Daniel "Ndumba" Langhart

I am founder and owner of the company, at the same time, I am an IT Technician with a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and a diploma for "individual computing" at WISS, Switzerland.

I like riding my bicycle, jogging, listening to nice old music (Funk, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Classics) have a nice meal and talk to nice people.

Working here at Qual-IT in Rundu is my passion. We want our clients to be spoiled an happy.

Joseph Kefas Tsamba

I started working at Rundus Qual-IT Solutions when the company opened, as a Handy man.
I love my work as I have learned a lot about computers during my stay.

I love playing Soccer, Tennis, reading and singing gospel.

Albert Maswabi

Sales Manager at Rundus Qual-IT.

I love adventures, socialising, I am inspired by happy faces. 

Engelberth Kandjeke

IT Technician at Rundus Qual-IT solutions

I enjoy watching soccer and also  enjoy the challenge of communicating what we each experience in our everyday lives, bringing those unique moments to life through words and sentences.

Working at Rundus Qual-IT solutions is always fun and I believe we have a Team to  grow the company.

Eveline Matumbu

I am a secretary of Rundus Qual-IT Solutions and like to play netball, and also dancing culture.

Brave Mukena


Started working here on the 9th of June 2015 as a technician. I am a student at The Polytechnic of Namibia studying Engineering.


I enjoy playing Soccer, volley ball, checkers and other mind games.


I am currently on Holiday and thats why I choose to work rather than sit at home doing nothing. I choose  to work at Rundus Qual-IT Solutions because they  are friendly and there are a lot of electronics I can learn about.